Pieter Janssen
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Pieter Janssen
Telephone  + 31 (0)20 30 39 414
Mobile + 31 (0)6 14 00 89 40
Email pieter@jblaw.nl  


Pieter Janssen (1973) advises on mergers and acquisitions, private-equity, venture-capital investments, joint ventures, other types of alliances and restructuring exercises involving companies in dire straits. This often involves complicated deals that cross national boundaries. In his working method, Pieter aims for practical solutions for difficult problems. Pieter feels a strong connection with entrepreneurs: “They are pragmatic and capable to assess risks”. He studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen, he built up eight years of experience with a large international law firm, and he worked for an extended period in New York. In 2011, Pieter was nominated for the M&A Awards of Best M&A Lawyer in the mid-market.